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Elderflower Bubbly. 32cl. £1.85

Elderflower Bubbly

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Sharpham Wines · Lyme Bay Fruit Wine
Liqueurs and Gin

We stock an extensive range of local wine, fruit wines and liqueurs.
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Sharpham Wines Devon wine

Classic English wines are produced at Sharpham vineyard as a result of a happy marriage of soil, climate and grape variety known as Terroir Many International Awards confirms the winery as one of England's foremost quality wine producers. and only 11 miles from Mackgill's.
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Sharpham WineEnglish Summer Red Wine

Sharpham Valley Summer Red 75cl

Grape Variety: 100% Rondo & Pinot Noir.
Summer red possesses refreshing ripe fruit flavours, delightfully balanced by a subtle oak finish. Serve at room temeperature or slightly chill on a warm summer's day.

Price: £14.75

Sharpham WineDart Valley Reserve

Sharpham Valley Dart Valley Reserve. 75cl

Grape Varieties: - Madeleine Angevine, Phoenix & Bacchus. This off-dry and ever popular wine has a light, fresh character achieved by carefully blending the different grape varieties and partially ageing in American oak. Lovely fruit aromas with supple delicate flavours and a just off-dry style, result in a wine ideal for drinking alone or with food.

Price: £11.75

Estate Reserve white wineSharpham Vineyard

Sharpham Valley Estate Selection 75cl

Grape Variety: 100% Madeleine Angevine.
This fine dry style exhibits the best qualities of English wine. An elegant wine characterized by its pale lemon colour and long refreshing finish. The taste of fresh citrus fruits gives a youthful fresh sensation with good balance and length. This wine makes for ideal early drinking. A great aperitif wine and an ideal accompaniment to fish and seafood - VOTED BEST WINE IN DEVON TO GO WITH CRAB!

Price: £12.85

English Rose WineSharpham Wine

Sharpham Valley Rose 75cl

Grape variety: 100% Dornfelder
A refreshing Rosé produced from the Dornfelder variety. Cold maceration for twenty-four hours on the skins gives a rich, bright ruby colour together with ripe, summer fruit flavours. This rare wine is soft and fruity and makes perfect summer drinking.

Price: £12-95

Sharpham Barrel ReserveSparkling English Wine from South Devon

Sharpham Barrel Fermented. 75cl
One of the few English wines to be fermented in oak barriques, this remarkable wine is a subtle blend of oak and the fruit characteristics of the Madeleine Angeyine grape.
Price: £16.50


Lyme Bay Country Wines · Liqueurs and Gin Made in Devon

These country wines are inspired by the wines traditionally made from hedgerow fruits and flowers. The range includes both lighter, drier wines and more intense, old-fashioned berry-rich varieties. Many of the country wines make delicious spritzers, mixed 50/50 with soda water.

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Lyme Bay DamsonDamson Gin

Damson Gin Liqueur New

A light, fruity gin based liqueur. Serve with ice for a lovely aperitif.
Price: £13.80

Lyme Bay SloeSloe Gin

Sloe Gin Liqueur New

A traditional Sloe Gin. Full flavoured, succulent and smooth. Awarded Silver at the 'Taste of the West Awards' 2012.
Price: £13.80

Lyme bay CherrySweet wine

Cherry Wine - Sweet

Cherry wine is a smooth full flavoured sweet wine with a real cherry aroma and a hint of almond. Serve at cool room temperature. A lovely dessert wine.

Lyme Bay CowslipDry wine

Cowslip Wine - Off Dry

Cowslip wine is a delicate off dry wine with subtle floral and honey undertones. Old fashioned and delicious. Great served chilled as an aperitif or with seafood dishes, chicken dishes and summer salads.

Currently only available in store, please call 01548 830860

Lyme Bay ElderberryDry wine

Elderberry Wine - Off Dry

Elderberry wine is a robust off dry wine red wine, rich in colour and flavour - a superb after dinner drink with full flavoured hard cheese or alongside red meats and casseroles. Serve at room temperature.

Elderflower wineDry

Elderflower Wine - Off Dry

Elderflower wine is an old fashioned off dry wine with a floral bouquet. A perfect picnic or lunchtime wine or as a fresh aperitif or to accompany Indian and Chinese dishes. Serve chilled. Awarded Silver at 'The Taste of The West Awards 2010'.

Ginger WineMedium wine

Ginger Wine - Sweet

Ginger wine is a classic, sweet, heart- warming wine bursting with smooth ginger and carrying a kick. A great dessert wine. Serve at cool room temperature. Awarded Two-star Gold at 'Great Taste Awards' 2012.

Gooseberry WineLyme Bay Country Wines

Gooseberry Wine - Off Dry

Gooseberry is a light off dry wine with a generously ripe gooseberry character. A great aperitif, or as a companion to strong flavoured fish such as mackerel or spicy Indian or Chinese food. Serve chilled.

Currently only available in store, please call 01548 830860

MeadSweet honey wine

Mead - Sweet

Traditional Mead is a sweet, deliciously full flavoured honey based wine. It is one of the oldest known alcoholic beverages dating back to Babylonian times. A great accompaniment to strong cheeses and full flavoured casseroles. Serve at room temperature. Awarded One-star Gold at 'Great Taste Awards' 2010. Judge's comment; ‘Full on honey & a good aroma, we all felt the honey is high quality and the flavour's clean.’

Nettle WineMedium wine

Nettle Wine - Medium

Nettle wine is a dry, light, crisp wine with the summery character of nettle and hints of melon and grapefruit. Old fashioned and delicious. Great served chilled as an aperitif or with seafood, chicken and summer salads.

p>Currently only available in store, please call 01548 830860

Quince WineMedium wine

Quince Wine - Medium

Quince wine is a deliciously delicate medium dry wine with complex aromas of pears, lemon and honey. Made from the tart quince fruit that dates back even further than the apple. A great dessert wine or accompaniment to soft rich cheese. Serve chilled.

Currently only available in store, please call 01548 830860

Sloe WineMedium wine

Sloe Wine - Medium

Sloe wine is a medium, succulent and smooth traditional wine. This mellow wine is superb by itself or with red meats, casseroles or cheese. Serve at room temperature.

Currently only available in store, please call 01548 830860

Strawberry WineMedium wine

Strawberry Wine - Medium

Strawberry wine is a medium well balanced wine with a delicate strawberry aroma. A traditional summer favourite best served chilled. Serve with soda and mint for a longer drink.

Currently only available in store, please call 01548 830860

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