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Elderflower Bubbly

Devon Cheese and Cornish Yarg

Mackgill's Delicatessen specialize in selling local, high quality Devon cheese and a good selection from Cornwall. We stock an extensive range of Devon and Cornish Cheddar, blue, brie and goats cheese, which can be nicely complimented with a bottle of Sharpham wine.

Terms: Each cheese portion is cut from a larger piece and therefore resulting weight may not be exact, prices are adjusted accordingly. Clicking on add to basket is deemed to be your acceptance of theses terms.

* Cheese is only available for collection in store.
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Sharpham BrieDevon Brie form Sharpham

Sharpham Brie

An unpasteurised Coulommiers type cheese which has been handmade in the creamery since 1980. It is a mould-ripened cheese with a unique flavour and creamy texture.
Price: £22.00/kg, £4.44 for 200g

Rustic by SharphamDevon local cheese

A semi-hard, unpasteurised cheese made with Jersey cow milk. It has a fresh, lemony, creamy flavour when young, developing a lovely nutty taste when mature.
Price: £17.50/kg £3.50 for 200g .

Ticklemore Goats CheeseMade in South Devon

Ticklemore Goat Cheese

A pasteurised, semi-hard goat milk cheese made with vegetable rennet. It has a moist and crumbly texture with a zesty, floral flavour and can sometimes be soft just under the rind. It has a white, bloomy rind and a delicious subtle, lemony flavour.
Price: £24.00/kg £4.80 for 200g

Devon Blue CheeseBlue cheese made in Devon

Devon Blue Cheese

A Beautifully, smooth, creamy texture coupled with a round buttery flavour. Made using vegetarian rennet and pasteurised milk.
Price: £20.00/kg £4.00 for 200g

Beenleigh Blue CheeseLocal South Devon Blue cheese

Beenleigh Blue

A mature, semi-hard cheese, creamy and crumbly made from ewes milk with blue veining. Its flavour varies seasonally being lighter and more delicate at the beginning of the season whilst a more robust flavour and a denser texture later on.
Price: £30.00/kg £6.00 for 200g .

Devon Oke CheeseMature Cheese

Devon Oke

A traditional Curworthy matured for 5-6 months to concentrate its flavour, becoming tangy, more rounded and creamier. A full-fat, semi-hard cheese full flavoured and mellow. Not suitable for vegetarians.
Price: £17.00/kg £3.40 for 200g

Cornish YargCheese made in Cornwall

Cornish Yarg

A semi-hard Cornish cheese, crumbly in the core and creamy under the rind, its distinctive nettle or wild garlic leaf rind imparts delicate flavours as it matures. Suitable for vegetarians.
Price: £17-50/kg £3.50 for 200g

Cornish Blue CheeseBlue cheese made in Cornwall

Cornish Blue Cheese

A sweet, creamy, gorgonzola-type blue cheese. Suitable for vegetarians.
Price: £18-95/kg £3-79 for 200g

Mature CheddarQuikes cheese

Quickes Devon Mature Cheddar.

12 month mature pasteurised cheddar. Not suitable for vegetarians.
Price: £17.90/kg £3.58 for 200g

Extra Mature CheddarQuickes

Quickes Extra Mature Devon Cheddar

18 month mature pasteurised cheddar. Not suitable full vegetarians..
Price: £25.00/kg £5.00 for 200g

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